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Had a rough week

 I didn't work out...at all...I thought I was building up and getting used to it but I guess I slipped up. That's what this journal and vid updates were made for...my eventual boredom and general lack of concern for what NEEDS to be done. I had really looked forward to this last weekend since I had both Saturday and Sunday off...All I could think of was taking advantage of the new spring weather we have been having and get some fishing in. Saturday fell through as the fishing partners had other plans...so I planned a trip twenty miles away to a private pond with bass, catfish, and trout...But as for Saturday I tried to enjoy what non fishing day I had by visiting friends...I'll give you the long story short of my night.

Went to visit a friend and ended with me taking a complete stranger to the E.R because he said he wanted to die and took pills with loads of vodka...was at the hospital til the sun came up. Lost my fishing day.

Lesson? Be with people who are on the same page as you. It is not your responsibility to break two people up...even if a friend asks you to. Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, Myspace, etc is not the place to talk about your bf/gf problems...keep that info to yourself. If you know your a pain to everyone when your drunk why drink?
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Bad eating day

 I didn't plan it that way...I just know I ate more than I was trying to and had eaten some "not-so-good" stuff like a fugdsicle, big bowl and a half of cereal and others bits and pieces I really can't remember...

lets try not to do that again...arg!
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just went to the gym...think I busted something

 Did 25 min on the treadmill running and steep/quick walking
Got a really good sweat going
Went to do my weight training...was planning on doing shoulders and chest...when working on a "press" like machine I think I pulled something...pretty badly in my right upper arm...probably a bad grip or something...so I for-went my weight training and got to my ab routine...finished that up and staggered, defeated, to the nearest mini mart to...I was hungry...I did good tho folks...only had two sticks of string cheese and a Muscle Milk drink...mostly because it said it was good for muscle recovery...the taste left ALOT to be desired...I think an ice pack would have been less upsetting...and cheaper
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video/pic updates 

I have been doing pretty good on my diet...eating more vegetables and balanced meals...but yesterday, when I had to go check on my parent's dog...I got a "wonderful" idea. Macaroni Grill is in my parent's neighborhood and I hadn't eaten there in over a year! So off I went to get my favorite McGrill dish..."Make your own Pasta". You pick everything that goes in it...pasta shape, sauce, meat, vege's...HEAVEN! I polished off my whole plate commenting to my bf/dining partner how delicious everything was...it wasn't log before I felt horrible...like a ton of bricks. I was stuffed, heavy and not really too happy with my meal choice. I don't ever remember feeling this way after a meal like this and maybe that was the problem...I think I just got used to eating and feeling that way after a meal...like...this is just the way it's supposed to be. 

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself...eat well for two weeks and then go order your favorite dish...pizza? pasta? candy? doesn't matter...I think you'll be surprised what your body tells you afterwards

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Stats, calendar, stuff

video/pic updates

So, I always hate when people are on these workout/get healthy kicks and don't give all their stats. I think this part is SO important if you plan to share your weight loss journey...mostly because people are different heights, different weights...a 10 lbs weight loss for me is like a hair cut...I'm pretty tall and I would say fairly muscular. So here are ALL my stats

Height: 5'10"
Starting weight: 250lbs
Chest: 51.0"
Waist: 39.0"
Hips: 49.5"
Thighs: 28" each

My typical exercise routine is 20 min cardio and 2 sets of 15 reps on an average of 5 machines targeting a part of the body.
Body areas worked: arms, legs, chest, shoulders/back
Regardless of what body area I work abs are done every visit. 1 set of 15 crunches with legs at four different elevations. Done twice.
If I do not strength train I will do 30-40 of cardio. Either eliptical or treadmill...this machine changes with my mood.

My diet plan is to watch calories and portions by having meal planned out in advance. 
Breakfast: bowl of non sugary cereal like Crispix or Grapenut Flakes without sugar and with 2%-non fat milk...either works for me
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on sour dough with pesto, tomato, lettuce and onion
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with a cup of vegetables
Snacks: carrot sticks and oranges
Rough calorie estimate: about 900-1200 calories a day

22-M...weight 250lbs...went to gym
24-W...went to gym

MARCH 2010
7-S...weight 247lbs...went to gym (cardio/arms)
11-T...weight 244 lbs
12-F...weight 245 lbs
15-M...weight 245 lbs...went to gym (cardio/legs)
16-T...weight 246 lbs...went to gym (cardio/partial shoulders)
18-T...weight 244.5 lbs...went to gym (cardio only)

I hope to increase my gym participation to at least 4 days a week. My problem is, is that I like instant results. I know it doesn't work that way, but I had hoped that going from little physical activity and no sort of diet at all to disciplined eating and exercise would yield some immediate results. Guess not...so I put this livejournal together to help keep me on track...I'll try to take measurements at the end of each month and get some pics posted too...I've been told my results will probably be more visual than scale based since I'm building muscles so...yeah.

If you want to join me in my weight loss journey please subscribe. I could use all the support...really...seriously.
Also, I'm in the Sacramento area...if you want to be gym buddies drop me a line!

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